Orangeries: A unique process that helps you to grow citrus fruits

April 25, 2014

Most common term in the UK to grow and cultivate citrus fruits like: oranges in an air-cooled environment. The Orangeries allow an individual to install glass house on their houses to secure their citrus fruits from the cold winters and frost seasons.

The installations of Orangeries are not new in the UK and their surroundings, because the term Orangery, firstly comes in the early 16th century and then it continually increases. At that time people like to install a greenhouse or Orangery, covered with glasses and wood frame to set up a sun-room for their citrus fruits.

Apart from the growth of citrus fruits, Orangeries also enhance the beauty of your house. The glass work looks attractive and it complements all kinds of complexion (color pattern) of your house. Where it gives a secure growing and cultivating facility, there it also helps you to cut down your electricity bills.

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A green energy resource can accumulate your electric bill and saves the life of the earth

April 18, 2014

Now days, whole world encountered with the problem of unavailability of natural resources and with the continual use of them, existing resources are swiftly reducing. Currently, we are not judging the threat of such mining, but several researches have already revealed that excess mining will be a reason of Tsunami’s, earthquakes and numerous natural disasters.

What you need to do?

This is a great question to ask, but no one clarifies the correct and satisfactory answer for it. Well, if you seriously want to do something, then the optimal use of natural resources might slow down the risk of natural disasters, but our lifestyle didn’t allow us to control it.

We are highly addicted with AC, Fridge and other electric equipments, which continually reduces the level of natural electricity. The scientific process of electricity generation might hurt the earth and low down the level of water, pollute the air and negatively affect other natural resources.

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Composite Doors: The ways to identify your selection is right or wrong

April 09, 2014

Composite doors are basically a modified term that is used now the days with high demand. As a human nature, we always have some doubts about any new thing we adopt or we acquire. The common doubts that generally arise in a mind of a human being are as follows:
1. Which material is suitable for long duration: Aluminium, Timber or UPVC?
2. How many varieties of composite doors are available?

Well, the use of composite doors never makes you feel low for your selection, due to their great complementary looks, varieties, different designs and mainly the durability of them.

Reason of favoritism

If we consider a specific county like Liverpool or Merseyside, we find that most of the houses have already been installed Composite doors and happily reduced their electricity bills. Composite doors will help home owners to save a large portion of their electricity bills because of their heat absorbing property, which controls the excess of heat up and cooling.

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Conservatories: A great way to decorate your greenhouse

April 02, 2014

The conservatory is not a unique concept that was followed or designed by any interior designer or any home improvement firm, but it has a delighted past. The term may be new, but the basics and the fundamental forms of designs come from the past around the 16th century.

Liverpool Conservatory

Well, the Conservatory is a kind of room which is designed to protect and cultivate several trees and fruits. In simple room, some landowner designed glass rooms nearby their house to cultivate citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. The glasses (on roofs and side walls) in a conservatory help to protect their fruits from the birds and other wild animals and it can be used as a sun-room.

How to construct a Conservatory?

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What’s The Optimal Utilization of Solar Energy to Save Environment

March 28, 2014

To improve your surrounding and the environment, make sure about the use of green energy products rather depending over the unnatural and expensive electricity and other resources. Where the regular electricity increases your electricity bills, there solar energy and other green energy products enhance your work efficiency and the life of your equipments without any increment in your bills or regular budget.

The major benefit of a solar panel installation is their work efficiency and the life of such kinds of products around 20 to 25 years without any maintenance. Apart from it, they will reduce your current electricity bills up to 20-25% per month.

The installation processes of such efficient products are as simple as the cooking in microwave, but definitely it needs some precautions and guidance. With the help of any professional firm likewise- Total Energy Installation, you can easily overcome from such headache, but you can also DIY.

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Make some new changes in the living and home improvement through Solar equipments

March 10, 2014

Now days, people are more devoted towards the savings and the changes in their routine life. They believe to indulge with the new ideas that can help to change their routine life and their standard of living as well. If it makes some savings in any form, then it can be an extra benefit for them.

As the growing requirement of savings of electricity without any external efforts, people diverted towards the use of solar equipments, which helps them to improve their electricity bills and makes them stand uniquely in the crowd.

Solar panel service via total energy installation

Several people think that the installation of a solar panel in their house makes them bankrupt or they can’t install it if they don’t have a large house, but that’s not true. Anyone with any accommodation… Read More

Composite Doors Benefits

January 27, 2014

When installing a new external door whether it front or back, one thing you may want to consider is the type of material. Our Composite door will enhance the elegance of your home or work place with an exterior door that combines the aesthetic beauty of timber with all the benefits of modern materials. Great, long lasting looks and a reassuring ‘clunk’ when you close the door tells you immediately that all doors are not the same.

Made from Glass reinforced polymer (GRP), our composite doors provide class-leading security and insulation standards, in a made to measure package that’s virtually maintenance free and tough as nails.

With a vast range of styles, glazing options and design details to choose from, you can personalise your door completely and once fitted, it will look sensational for years to come.

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How Orangeries are new Conservatories

January 24, 2014

Orangeries offer a slightly different take on traditional conservatories. And at Total Energy Installations an Orangery is a great way to add conservatory-style light and space to your home.

The Orangery is basically a traditional, atrium-style conservatory but with up-to-date technology. With an Orangery, your adjoining rooms flood with light and there’s a feeling of grandeur that comes from the interior height.

Orangeries as Conservatories

Adding one of our Orangeries onto your home immediately offers the extra room, light and space you always imagined. Orangeries represent the ideal combination of the benefits and looks of a conventional extension. Orangeries of Cheshire are wonderfully light and airy spaces due to their glazed roofs as well as being cozy and inviting… Read More

Answer to “Why should I buy a bi-fold”

January 20, 2014

Open your home with our superb range of aluminum bi-folding doors. It’s a great way to bring your living space and garden together, opening up a wonderful new perspective that makes the most of your home.

During the summer enjoy an al fresco barbecue, or just relax and enjoy the view. Then, as the evening draws in, the high levels of insulation and security will conform your interior into a safe and comfortable indoors.

Our versatile mixture of hinged and folding leaves, together with our ultra-slim frames, is designed to give you perfect control of your new interior/exterior lifestyle.

Bi folding doors fold away effortlessly, creating space to relax and enjoy the full beauty of your garden in the summer. While, in the winter months, high quality seals and gaskets keep the warmth in your home.

Aluminum truly is the material of the moment. It is strong, light, stable and it will not rust, warp or rot.

From an environmental point of view, it has… Read More

Save Electricity Bills by Introducing Solar Panels

January 17, 2014

One of the major benefits from installing Solar PV is the SAVING on your electricity bills. With recent bill increases and with an earmarked 10% increase per year, there isn’t a better time to invest in solar. Solar PV can save you up to £200* per year. As good as this sounds this isn’t the only financial benefit from installing solar. The government has started an initiative called the Feed-in- Tariff. This Feed-in-tariff or FiT payment as it has become known as is worth 0.14p /kW of electricity you GENERATE. This on a 4Kw system can reach 4 units per hour. This is the main source of financial benefit through installing solar PV. Using the calculations the government has set out, a 4Kw system in Chester facing south will generate around 3000 kWs per year.

The other way to earn is Export. If your installation is a domestic system, then more than likely you be paid for a deemed export. This is usually 50%. This is usually anywhere between £50-£85.

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