Energy costs on the rise again, no surprise there then?

October 24, 2012

The BBC have announced that energy prices are on the rise again. They quote:

“Npower has joined rival British Gas in announcing it is increasing gas and electricity prices in the UK. Npower will increase the price of gas by an average of 8.8% and electricity by 9.1% from 26 November.

Earlier, British Gas, the UK’s biggest energy supplier, raised its charges for both types of fuel by an average of 6%, adding £80 a year to the average dual fuel bill.

The firms both blamed the government’s policies as well as wholesale prices.

SSE - which trades as Scottish Hydro, Swalec and Southern Electric - has already said it will raise its prices by an average of 9% from Monday.”

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Why are Green Deal Advisors/Assessors necessary?

October 24, 2012

The Green Deal assessment is the gateway to the Green Deal, no one will be able to enter into a Green Deal plan without a qualifying assessment of the building and recommendations for measures that could improve the energy efficiency of their home.

The assessment and accompanying advice must be carried out by a qualified and authorised Green Deal advisor. They will have a mixture of technical knowledge, practical competence and ‘soft’ skills to provide households and businesses with the advice they need to take informed decisions.

A significant amount of work has already been done to put in place the necessary qualifications, specifications for all Green Deal Advice certification bodies, organisations and advisors, and the tools and methodologies to produce assessments to support Green Deal in the domestic and non-domestic sector.

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What are the benefits of Green Deal to home owners?

October 24, 2012

What can Green Deal do for me?

Collectively, homes and businesses across the UK waste approximately £3 billion of energy every year.

The measures introduced by the Green Deal are intended to tackle this frightening statistic head-on, with high quality, government accredited energy efficiency installations designed to ensure British families and businesses pay no more than necessary to keep warm.

The Green Deal proposals will benefit millions of homeowners and tenants across the UK, providing significant long term savings and warmer, more energy efficient homes under a repayment plan everyone can afford.

Customers who are eligible for services to their property under the Green Deal plan are guaranteed quality-assured work from accredited, trusted providers for no upfront charge, and they will have a unique opportunity to pay for this work directly from the savings they make from their utility bill.

Wall Insulation

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October 24, 2012

At a local level, the Green Deal will enable many households and businesses to improve the energy efficiency of their properties so less energy is consumed and less money is wasted. The key focus of the new energy company obligation – or “ECO” will be on those householders who cannot achieve significant energy savings without an additional or different measure of support.  For example, this includes vulnerable and low-income households and those living in harder to treat properties, such as solid walled properties.

A quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions comes from the energy used in homes and a similar amount comes from our businesses, industry and workplaces.
At a national level, the UK needs to become more energy efficient to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, which risk dangerous climate change.

The Climate Change Act 2008 legislated for a reduction in our carbon emissions and set legally-binding carbon budgets across all sectors of the UK economy… Read More

Solar still pays!

May 15, 2012

Solar Trade Association seeks to downplay fears that solar PV no longer gives a sound rate of return. The solar industry is launching a campaign to boost awareness that “solar still pays” after recent cuts to the feed-in tariff prompted a steep drop in demand for new installations.

The latest government figures for photovoltaic (PV) deployment have shown demand has fallen significantly since the government halved feed-in tariff incentives on 1 April 2012. Installations with a 4kW capacity or less now receive 21p/kWh, instead of the 43p/kWh that was available previously.

According to figures on the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) website, the total number of installations rose to 9,026 in the week ending 1 April, as property owners rushed to meet the deadline. Installations then fell dramatically to just 820 the following week and remained low for the rest of April.

Leonie Greene, a spokeswoman for the Solar Trade Association… Read More

Payment Grant News Update

May 08, 2012

Tuesday 1st May 2012 saw the launch of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme (Phase 2) for domestic renewable heat projects, which gives money off renewable technologies like biomass boilers, air and ground source heat pumps and solar thermal panels and will be worth £10m more than the existing scheme in phase 1.

The scheme which is managed by the Energy Saving Trust entitles private residents to claim a rebate on installations of solar thermal of £300 and also money back on air and ground source heat pumps and biomass boilers. The aim is to help more homeowners to make the transition to renewable heat whilst the Renewable Heat Incentive is finalised for residential applications.

As things stand around half of UK carbon emissions are caused by energy used to produce heat and this must be drastically reduced by 2020 to meet EU targets.

What is the Renewable Heat Premium Payment?

This is a UK Government scheme designed… Read More

Solar grows by more than 41 times!

March 13, 2012

Explosive growth in solar panel installations on homes, schools and fields in the UK over the past 22 months saw the green energy source pass the symbolic milestone of 1,000MW on Wednesday.

Since the feed-in tariff scheme was launched by the Labour administation in April 2010 to pay homeowners and businesses for generating their own green energy, the amount of solar has grown by more than 41 times, figures seen by the Guardian show. There was just 26MW of solar before the scheme.

Gaynor Hartnell, chief executive of the Renewable Energy Association, said of the breakthrough: “Solar really deserves recognition in the government’s renewable energy strategy now. With the price coming down like it is, there is no reason for it not to fill a prominent part in UK energy for 2020 and beyond. It needs re-examining in light of this milestone.”

The unexpectedly fast take-up of the scheme was cited by the climate minister, Greg Barker, last October as the reason… Read More

Latest news on the Feed In Tariff (FiT)

March 13, 2012

Recent changes to the feed in tariff scheme have seen installation levels rise and fall due to the uncertainty caused by the government’s changes including:
Two failed, and one ongoing, government appeals against judges rulings that their retrospective changes to FiTs in December 2011 were illegal
Plan B imposed a revised, this time legal, reference date for the reduction in FiT rates to 21p/kWh for 4kW arrays of 3rd

March 2012
Customers who proceeded with their PV installations between 12th December and 3rd March still have no idea whether they will qualify for the pre-12th Dec rates, that is until a decision is reached in the governments controversial appeal.
In addition to tariff levels there are changes to the eligibility criteria, and further proposed changes to the scheme. Watch this space for more details.

Deadline 1 – 31st March

As of the 1st April all properties where customers propose to install… Read More

Total Energy Installations deliver solar power to Aughton

January 19, 2012

Total Energy Installations are proud to announce the latest home to benefit from the massive opportunities solar clean energy represents has just been completed in Aughton, Lanceashire.

Greg McMillan, Operations Manager said, “We were commissioned to deliver a 3.5kW solar PV system to a detached property in Aughton on Merseyside. An installation that went without a hitch. The scaffolding was only up for 4 days and we were in and out in 3, leaving the proud homeowners with their new solar generation kit that is already contributing to saving them cash on expensive electricity.

In this case the panels were erected on the detached garage as the roof space catered perfectly for their needs. See before and after pictures.

To get a quotation for Solar call Frankie Deary direct today on 0151 545 1400.

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Is solar still a powerful investment?

January 19, 2012

The average cost to install solar generation is £13,000, but with a guaranteed 25year Feed-in Tariff your system would pay for itself between 12 to 15years. So is there a catch?

Total Energy Installations asked Frankie Deary, MD to explain all

The last 12 months has seen solar photovoltaic (PV) panels appearing on rooftops across the UK as homeowners make the move towards a greener, carbon free living. After years of campaigning by environmental groups the government recently introduced a reward to domestic and commercial property owners, that installed renewable energy installations, with enough of a return to make it a serious financial, as well as an environmental, investment.

Called the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) this 25year payment plan comes index linked to protect against inflation and covers the entire installation costs of your system. So what’s the catch? Frankie Deary Managing Director, Total Energy Installations says there… Read More

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