Experience the blend of quality and performance via our Conservatory installations

July 12, 2014

To make a renovation or an ultimate change in your house, just install a conservatory with a p-shaped or lantern shaped roof. It will spark the charm of your house and the floating roof will make a space for your interior.

Apart from the interior view, it will endorse your house’s beauty and makes you to feel calm and peace in this burning summer. Even all other weathers can become enjoyable with Cheshire Conservatories.

Incorporated with double glazed glass designs and DIY Conservatories, Total Energy Installations leads the installation industry of Conservatories in Cheshire. They offer highly experienced and supportive assistance that will handle every situation in a very calm way.

What will we offer with our Conservatory Installation?

At Total energy installations, our aim or motto is to satisfy you with our installation services. To make it real and worthy, we offer a perfect blend of quality and performance. We have a huge number of qualified, skilled and experienced staff that always follows the standards and make your expense worthy in all manners.

With our Conservatory installation, we offer:
1. 24/7 customer support & assistance
2. Quality glass glazing
3. Durable Aluminium framing
4. Affordable cost

How to determine the cost of a Conservatory?

The conservatory cost generally depends upon the different sections or augments like: their base, their cavity brickworks, build-up surcharge, electric connections, soakaway (for drainage), erection cost, etc. Including with it, there is some surcharge applied according to the conservatory designs like: £400 for Victorian and Edwardian design, £300 for glass roof and £200 for gutter box roof.

For a 12 square meter conservatory, installers generally charged around £600, which is the minimum amount for it and this amount will increase with additional ingredients. For the details about our conservatory building cost, you can make a call or ask for a quote by visiting our site.

How a conservatory can use?

Cheshire Conservatories can be used as a sunroom, kitchen room, study room, dining room, family den, etc. Even it increases the living space without moving from the house or without taking a permit for more construction. More than that, it allows a user to use it to cultivate their favourite citrus fruits.

According to the researches and reviews, Total Energy Installations get a high number of positive feedbacks and it succeeded to create a trust amongst their users and critics as well.