Orangeries: A unique process that helps you to grow citrus fruits

April 25, 2014

Most common term in the UK to grow and cultivate citrus fruits like: oranges in an air-cooled environment. The Orangeries allow an individual to install glass house on their houses to secure their citrus fruits from the cold winters and frost seasons.

The installations of Orangeries are not new in the UK and their surroundings, because the term Orangery, firstly comes in the early 16th century and then it continually increases. At that time people like to install a greenhouse or Orangery, covered with glasses and wood frame to set up a sun-room for their citrus fruits.

Apart from the growth of citrus fruits, Orangeries also enhance the beauty of your house. The glass work looks attractive and it complements all kinds of complexion (color pattern) of your house. Where it gives a secure growing and cultivating facility, there it also helps you to cut down your electricity bills.

Total Energy's Orangeries

Even if you don’t have enough interest in gardening or the growth of citrus fruits, then also you can install an orangery in your house for just a makeover. The different shapes and designs will capture your consciousness and attracts your colleagues and neighbors as well.

Types of Orangeries

We all know that the use of Orangeries is not new; it’s around 200 years old fashion or status symbol that comes in use again. With the time changes, the changes also placed in their designs and shapes. Numerous designs and shapes of Orangeries are as follows:

1. Victorian shaped Orangeries
2. T-Shaped Orangeries
3. P-Shaped Orangeries
4. Lean-to Orangeries
5. Edwardian Orangeries
6. Edwardian Gable Orangeries
7. Bespoke Orangeries
8. Lantern Top Orangeries

All of them are complementing the construction of your house and it gives a unique look to it as well. You can use the framing of your Orangeries from Aluminium, UPVC, Wood and timber. All have different features and characteristics that will help you to cut down your electricity bills and enjoy the season of summer.

The installation cost for an Orangery, tends between £5000 to £100000 and the average of £8000. Whereas the price automatically rise when you choose demanded and more featured Orangery. The choice of installation service provider also impacts over your installation and the cost of your Orangery. So, make a deep research before choosing an experienced and established installer for your Orangery installation.

Even if you want to get an example or the installed illustration of an Orangery, then Orangeries of Cheshire are the best option for you. Here, you can find everything that you want to know and through this live illustration, you can easily identify the best matched design and shape for your house.