What are the benefits of Green Deal to home owners?

October 24, 2012

What can Green Deal do for me?

Collectively, homes and businesses across the UK waste approximately £3 billion of energy every year.

The measures introduced by the Green Deal are intended to tackle this frightening statistic head-on, with high quality, government accredited energy efficiency installations designed to ensure British families and businesses pay no more than necessary to keep warm.

The Green Deal proposals will benefit millions of homeowners and tenants across the UK, providing significant long term savings and warmer, more energy efficient homes under a repayment plan everyone can afford.

Customers who are eligible for services to their property under the Green Deal plan are guaranteed quality-assured work from accredited, trusted providers for no upfront charge, and they will have a unique opportunity to pay for this work directly from the savings they make from their utility bill.

Wall Insulation

As much as a third of a home’s heat is lost through its walls.

Wall insulation can significantly improve the warmth of your home, producing annual savings of around £115. Cavity wall insulation is suitable for most houses built after 1930 and can be carried out quickly and efficiently, usually from outside your property.

Houses built before 1930 often have solid walls, which are even less energy efficient than cavity walls. Solid wall insulation can be carried out either on the outside or inside of your property and will allow you to enjoy significant savings of up to £400 a year.

Loft Insulation

Up to a quarter of a home’s heat escapes through the roof space.

Loft insulation considerably reduces the amount of energy needed to heat your property, keeping it warmer for longer and saving you around £45 a year on your heating bills.

Over the years, the parts of the building regulations which relate to energy efficiency have been revised several times to keep pace with the ever increasing need to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

All new buildings -residential or commercial-have to meet a minimum, legally required standard of insulation to obtain planning permission.

The Green Deal will provide a unique opportunity for homeowners, tenants and businesses to update their properties and bring them in line with the much more stringent modern standards, giving everyone the opportunity to make long-term savings.

Boiler Upgrades

Modern, Band A boilers are 20% more efficient than the outdated Band G boilers many of us have in our homes. 

As well as having an efficiency rating of 90%, modern boilers allow for far closer control of the heat of your property, regulating the temperature to prevent overheating. 

Thermostatic radiator valves allow you to pick and choose the areas of your home you wish to heat, boosting the green credentials of your home and saving you cash in the long term.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps provide renewable, clean energy by converting dormant heat in the ground to a high temperature to heat whole buildings efficiently.

This innovative renewable technology is estimated to be nearly 40% cheaper than gas heating and 56% cheaper than oil heating. 

And because ground source heat pumps utilise renewable energy, they’re far greener than other energy sources, saving approximately 500kg of carbon emissions every year per household.