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Produce around 50% of the energy you use with a Solar PV system
Protect yourself from continual rises in energy costs with Solar PV

How PV Solar works

Let’s firstly quash a couple of misnomers. Solar energy is not generated from direct sunlight alone, it functions well in cloudy daylight conditions as well. Secondly, you don’t have to have a large house, nor be a millionaire to benefit from solar power. The system works equally well on smaller property as it does on larger homes.

Solar electric systems use Photovoltaic (PV) cells that are mounted into the panels you commonly see on rooftops, they convert daylight into the electricity you use around your home.

In simple terms this is how your new PV system works. The PV cells draw energy from the sun (or daylight) which is captured and converted into DC current. It is then passed through a DC Isolator, into an inverter that changes the electric current to AC. This allows the supply to be fed directly into your home’s main supply to be used instead of drawing from the expensive National Grid.
Any power you generate that you do not use is passed automatically back to the National Grid with the agreed payments paid back to you!


More Information

Total Energy Installations Solar PV Systems benefit from the following:

  • Microgeneration Certification Scheme approved products
  • High efficiency mono/poly-crystal silicone solar cells
  • Low light efficiency solar panels
  • Low iron tempered glass: Anti reflective coating & high transmission rate glass for increased power output and strength
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame, dimensions: 1640 x 990 x 39mm
  • Module weight: 15 - 20kg
  • Long lifespan of 25 years plus
  • Full installation for accredited engineers. Easy to use applications
  • Panels are available in various power outputs from 180-300Wp
  • Fully written performance guarantee of 25 years
  • Fully written installation and product guarantee of 10 years
  • Fully incorporated maintenance packages available