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Why is triple pane better than Double glazing?

Everyone knows that double glazing is better than single glazing. And we all know why - it loses less heat, so it’s better for the environment and better for your bank balance. And it keeps out more noise.

In an increasingly conscious world the pressure to save money on rising energy bills and help cut our carbon footprint on the earth continues. Homeowners wishing to improve the performance of their windows and doors in order to help cut the cost of home heating are now considering energy saving windows. Double Glazing Quote can offer superior energy efficient UPVC Triple Glazing Doors and Windows to help you save money in your home.

So does it follow that triple glazing is better than double glazing?

Admittedly, triple glazing is actually the most popular form in Germany and Scandinavia, so do they know something we don’t? Do they care more about the environment? Or are they just shrewder with their money and don’t want to see it going out through the window? Then again, is three panes really better than two? Is it worth paying for? Or does the law of diminishing returns come into play?

We specialise in supplying energy efficient UPVC Triple Glazing windows and doors with three insulating layers of glass. Each layer is filled with vacuumed air which will help slow down heat and noise loss. UPVC Triple Glazing is more efficient than UPVC Double Glazing and can help cut your energy bills by 30% a year.

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