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High-quality, high-performance, reliable and long lasting technology
Install and forget technology that will see you proud for many years to come

Technical Specifications

All our products are fully approved under the UK’s (MCS) Microgeneration Certification Scheme

The best performing renewable energy products and components in the market, guaranteed! Total Energy Installation only install the finest quality components, sourced from manufacturers across the United Kingdom.

Solar PV Panels

Our solar panels have been designed and manufactured by PP. These are high quality monocrystalline photovoltaic solar panels that convert sunlight directly to electrical energy. BP Solar panels have a number of advantages over many other types so you can feel confident that you have the best possible system and yield from your solar array.

Here are just some of their integral benefits:

  • Almost uniquely a high transmission anti-reflective coated glass (ARC) is used in their construction which has been proven in tests to deliver up to 4% greater annual yield than some of its competitors
  • They are guaranteed to deliver their nominal rated power by up to 5% more and no less than 3% and almost uniquely carry the added assurance that each module is tested and rated to include allowance for the natural LID (Light Induced Degradation) effect. This means more kWh and FIT (Feed In Tariff) produced for you
  • BP Solar have been manufacturing photovoltaic panels since 1972 and from January 1st 2010 announced a new market leading and unrivalled warranty that is backed up by over 35 years of research, development and manufacture. These terms include a performance warranty of 93% of power production guaranteed after 12 years in service and 85% after 25 years service life

More details on the specific BP Solar panel used in your system are available on request telephone Marcus Wilson on 0151 545 1400


More Information

Grid Connect Inverter
The inverter supplied in your Marlec PV Home Energiser Kit has been selected to operate within the permitted range of all the components of the system and in particular to suit the power rating of the BP Solar photovoltaic array. These are designed to optimally convert the electricity from DC to 230V AC and typical efficiencies achieved are 90-95% ensuring your energy yield
is maximised.

Solar panel Mounting Structure
This can be a sloping or flat roof mounting frame to suit your particular installation. Supplied by Marlec these kits are installed with high quality aluminium mounting structures designed for secure long term installation with specific roof fixings either slate, tile or concrete tiles and are provided to suit. We prepare and supply as standard the mounting kits to enable a flexible choice of layout for the roof and our pre-cut profiles are designed to carry the BP panels ensuring a faster and more cost effective installation on site.

Electrical Pack
All the electrical components needed to safely connect the solar panels through to your electricity consumer unit including a kWh (kilo Watt hour) meter to measure the energy you generate are supplied.

Market leading specifications across all aspects of our individual components and installed by fully qualified MCS accredited electrical engineers.

Do the kits suit all roofs?
Our PV Home Energiser can be fitted to almost any roof, when we perform our site visit we determine what components are required to suit concrete or plain tiles, slate or a flat roof arrangement.

What if I need a different PV configuration to suit my roof?
Total Energy Installations will assess the property to find the best solution to suit your property and budget. We provide full technical support and 24/7 after sales assistance.

What about larger systems?
We offer a design service for bespoke systems using plans where available or information from installer’s initial site visit. Simply call our sales team on 0151 545 1400 to discuss your requirements. Systems under 3.6kW fall under straightforward G83 electrical regulations, for systems >4kW G59 regulations should be applied.